Arm Wrestling Theory

How To Win At Arm Wrestling – Works EVERY Time!

Harvey Meale

Harvey Meale

If you’re brand new to armwrestling, there’s a few things you can do to give yourself a MASSIVE advantage over your opponent.

If you manage to pull these off, you’ll almost certainly win the match, even if your opponent is much stronger.

This article is aimed at people just pulling for fun: in a bar or on a table at school/work, for instance.

This will almost certainly not work against someone who knows what they’re doing, but vs. someone reasonably clueless about armwrestling (most of the world), it works every time!


You can create an almost unsurmountable advantage for yourself in armwrestling by taking a high grip, positioning your arm properly in relation to your body, and by pulling in the right direction.

Basically we’re going to show you how to cheat in armwrestling!

The thing is, to the untrained eye, it won’t even look like you’re cheating…

You’ll probably end up smashing them and they’ll be left wondering how you got that strong!

But the truth is we’re not going to use strength to win… we’re going to use leverage.

1. Grip High

When you go to grip up with your opponent, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do is grip them as high as possible.

You want your knuckles and fingers as high up on their thumb as possible.

High Grip In Arm Wrestling

Quite often when you grip someone super high, they’ll naturally take a lower grip on your hand, creating a HUGE leverage advantage for you.

Also, think about aiming your knuckles towards the ceiling in the setup.

This leads me to the next step…

2. Post Up

Posting refers to keeping your arm as upright as possible (like a post sticking out of the ground).

Aim to keep your wrist almost directly above your elbow.

Arm Wrestling Good Post vs. Bad Post

This creates a super sharp angle at the elbow, which is what creates leverage in armwrestling.

If your elbow angle is tighter than your opponents, you’ll win almost every single time.

Also, try to position your elbow on the inside of your shoulder during the setup…

Elbow Setup Inside Arm Wrestling

This will make it much easier for you to access your power and will help keep you safe throughout the match.

2. Correct Your Hips & Stay Super Tight

If you’re pulling right handed, put your right leg forward under the table and press your hips up against the table.

You should aim to keep your hips in contact with the armwrestling table at all times!

The closer you are to the table, the more ‘tucked in’ you can get your lats, which helps keep everything tight and strong.

Here’s what not to do…

Keep that elbow in as close to your body as possible.

The closer everything is to you, the easier it is to win.

3. Forget About Pinning & Pull Back Towards You Instead

When the match begins, most people’s first instinct is to drive sideways towards the pad.

Don’t do this!

Instead, think about pulling your opponent across the table.

Arm Wrestling Pull Back

Pull upwards (into their fingers) and back towards your face.

This will open their arm up and give you an unbeatable leverage advantage.

You should start to feel pretty comfortable at this stage, but I recommend continuing to yank your opponent across the table until they get tired of holding on.

They’ll probably give up OR it’ll become so easy to get them to the pin pad that you won’t really have to think too much about it!

The Real Flex Is Not Having To Cheat!

Of course, everything I’ve just said only really works in a casual environment against people who have never really armwrestled before…

As soon as your opponent also knows everything you’ve just learnt, strength is going to become a much more important factor.

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    Harvey Meale

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    Harvey Meale