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We’re all about helping armwrestlers become better, faster.

On our blog we have a number of super insightful articles written by armwrestling royalty, to help you learn everything you need to properly understand the nuances of this sport.

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Who Created Armwrestling Advice?

Hi, my name’s Harvey and I’m a lifelong athlete who fell in love with the sport of armwrestling some years ago.

Harvey Meale Arm Wrestling

That’s me, on the left.

When I first got into the sport, I had tons of questions about training and it took me an ungodly amount of time watching YouTube videos to find only half-answers.

So I decided I’d reach out to some of the best armwrestlers on the planet to see if they’d write the articles I wish I could read when I first discovered the sport.

We started publishing articles covering everything under the sun of armwrestling and eventually branched out into a huge range of content across all platforms.

I now spend my days training full time as an armwrestler as well as publishing content.

The first armwrestling newsletter

Arm Wrestling Advice Newsletter

I spend hours every week reaching out to elite armwrestlers, picking their brains endlessly for any wisdom they’re willing to share.

I’m also paying these athletes to be able to share their insights with you guys.

The whole purpose of the Armwrestling Advice Newsletter is to enable everyone to be able to learn from the best in the world, not just those fortunate enough to know them in person.

Every week you’ll receive training and technique tips, programming guidance, and practical advice on a huge range of armwrestling topics.

Wisdom, basically.

And it’s completely free, so what are you waiting for!

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