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Arm Wrestling Advice Newsletter

Become the fastest improving puller in your region…

Getting into the sport of armwrestling? Maybe you’ve already been at it for a while…

Either way, there’s a good chance you’re making a ton of mistakes that are limiting how quickly you could be progressing in the sport…

Learn how to maximize your training efficiency to go from amateur to pro in record time.

Start dominating your training partners!

Short, sharp, actionable tactics. No boring bits.

    If you want top 1% results, you have to do things 99% of people won’t.

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    About Armwrestling Advice

    Our mission at Armwrestling Advice is to help beginners not just find their feet, but to develop strength and skill at breakneck speed.

    When I was brand new to the sport of armwrestling, I found it incredibly difficult to find the information I was looking for…

    I had so many questions about technique and training and didn’t have a club in my area or anyone to ask for advice.

    I would find myself sifting through hundreds of hours of YouTube videos looking for answers and knew there had to be an easier way…

    And so Armwrestling Advice was born… out of necessity.

    I went out and recruited some of the world’s best armwrestlers to answer all of the questions I had as a beginner.

    We’ve since published a number of super detailed and comprehensive articles explaining a wide variety of subjects within the world of armwrestling.

    On top of that, we also have a weekly email newsletter in which we share super actionable training tips and advice from the best armwrestlers on the planet.

    We’re also regularly posting a ton of content on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, so be sure to subscribe and follow if you don’t want to miss out!

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